Education in This “new normal” time: RTVfi cares

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to adapt and adopt new ways of living. The lockdowns, quarantines, masks, physical distancing, and technology are now a “must” to continue living. Limiting our movements, travels, transaction, and even education; dramatically changes our lives.

New Normal Education

What is “New Normal”? The American Dictionary defines a new normal as “a previously unfamiliar or atypical situation that become standard, usual or expected. ” Today, the omniscient support of technology considers being vital in the new normal education.

New normal education voids the preceding of face-to-face classes, utilizing online and blended methodologies. With so much to consider, many students, parents, and educators struggle to keep up with the sudden shiftresource-wise and culture itself. It is hard to get everything ready, such as gadgets, devices, and the internet, typically available only in urban areas. The students in the outskirt of the mountains may find these requirements a dead-end.

The knowledge of how different education in the mountaintop and the city is never new. While urbanized areas have the luxury of transport, availability of the technology, the abundance of school supplies and materials, rural areas usually get the shorter end of the stick. In rural areas Some students need to walk for hours just to get to school. The use of devices such as computers and mobile phones is limited, and internet connection is close to non-existent. For the longest time, educators are struggling to retain students and provide materials for their class. Now imagine how the new normal teaching will affect education in rural areas.

School Supplies for 365 Scholars

On August 14, 2020, The Roland Torres Votacion Foundation Inc. donated school essentials for its 365 scholars in Barangay Ganatan, Arakan, North Cotabato. The school packs for Preschool to High School scholars will aid them in completing the school year 2020-2021. In addition, the budget for the school fees of its college-level scholars was also turned-over.

  • Grade School Pad Paper (for Grade 1,2,3,4)
  • Intermediate Pad Paper (for Grade 5, 6 Highschool)
  • Notebooks
  • Color set
  • Plastic Envelop with Holder
  • Others

Additional hygiene supplies were also donated to ensure the safety of the students and teachers.

  • Face Masks
  • Alcohol

To help our educator in this trying times, RTV Foundation has also donated photocopier machines for Elementary and High School.

Konica Minolta

  • Copier
  • Printer
  • Colored Scanner
  • Network Standard
  • Duplex
  • Automatic Document Reverse Feeder
  • 2 Drawers and 1 Bypass Tray
  • Copy Size: Long, Short, Legal A4-A5, A3, B4, B5
  • Print Resolution: 600 X 600 DPI


The Foundation wholeheartedly thanks the sponsors and donors who never fall short in supporting the cause to help shape the lives of underprivileged children through education. And, we ho[e to extend our services to many other communities too. These children continually ask for assistance, and in the future, they too will be the ones to give back to others.

Give a Gift Purchase school essentials to be donated to the RTVI Scholars
Sponsor A Child Sponsor school fees and other education-related finances for as low as 200 pesos per month.


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